Here are some comments from people who have worked with Graeme Strong:

“We have worked with Graeme on many our films now, including The Trip’, ‘Face of an Angel’, ‘On the Road’ and ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes.Graeme is an excellent camera operator – fast, professional and always a pleasure to have as part of the crew. He’s great to work with!”.  Michael Winterbottom  Director  Melissa Parmenter Producer  Revolution Films.

“Graeme is a highly talented cameraman. He has a really great eye, strong grasp of editorial, shoots and covers very well, and he’s quick. He’s fantastic to have on the team: he handles pressure and handheld well, can give you beautifully considered shots, offers good ideas, is good with both talent and contributors, and has a good sense of humour. I recommend him highly.”  John Silver  Exec Producer  ‘Grand Designs’ C4

“Graeme is brilliant to have around. If I have a multi view I am always happy to know he’s got the ideal shot. A pleasure to work with and great to know. Solid, dependable and talented. Book him!”  Andy Devonshire  Series Director ‘The Apprentice’, ‘Four Rooms’,‘The Taste’ & ‘Taskmaster’

“I have worked with Graeme on a number of occasions – as an “undercover” crew for ‘Undercover Boss’, on a ‘Comic Relief’ film in Zambia with Ross Noble and as part of a larger crew on an as live event. First and foremost, I have found him a really good guy to be around, a dependable character with sound judgement and excellent work ethic – key attributes when on location in tough environments, tricky situations or just long days! But he also has a really good eye, shoots very well, crucially listens to the sync and so gives coverage and offers lots of options and ideas. He’s quick on location, can follow actuality without direction and footage is easy to cut in the edit. I am always delighted to work with him.”  Sam Grace  Director of Programmes  Boomerang, Two Four

“Graeme is a fantastically versatile cameraman who is as comfortable shooting dynamic hand-held sequences following action as he is shooting beautifully composed studio drama reconstruction. He has a calm and reassuring manner and is extremely hard working.”  John Comerford  Exec Producer  ‘Heroes of History’ BBC2  ‘Grand Designs: House of the Year’ C4

“Graeme is a dream to work with. He has that elusive talent among DoPs – to be able to shoot observationally and follow the unfolding actuality whilst also delivering real gloss to his rushes. He’s very hardworking, always gets on with contributors and crew and brings genuine enthusiasm to every project I’ve worked on with him.”
Tom Williams  Exec Producer ‘Hunted’ & celebrity ‘Hunted’ C4

“Graeme’s been fantastic to work with on all my Grand Designs projects. Reliable with flair – you couldn’t ask for any more.” Mike Ratcliffe  Director  ‘Grand Designs’ C4

“Being tasked with creating a brand new visual style and signature for The Voice was a huge challenge for me as a DOP. I knew that one of the most important decisions I would make would be the crew to support me in the role. I wanted Graeme to be onboard as soon as possible as I needed a safe pair of hands and a brilliant eye for creativity and detail. I wasn’t disappointed, Graeme brings to set so many assets; a professional attitude working with big stars, confidence, a creative flair, a speedy response to set ups and a wealth of experience…added to that, he is one of the nicest guys in the industry. I would recommend working with Graeme if you can. He will raise the quality and production value of any project lucky enough to have him on board.”  Chris Yacoubian  DOP  ‘The Voice’

“It has always been an absolute pleasure to work with Graeme. He’s a really creative cameraman who always strives to not only get the shot, but to make it the best it can possibly be. He’s a great team player and always puts contributors and presenters at ease. I’ve been in a couple of hairy moments alongside Graeme and he’s always remained calm, optimistic and helped to find a solution!”  Jessica Parrish Director  ‘Food Unwrapped’ C4

“Graeme has a fantastic eye. He’s always interested in searching out new ways to capture shots that enhance the story. He’s talented at shooting both observationally and on more scripted programmes.”  Livia Russell  Director  ‘Grand Designs’ C4

“I worked with Graeme on the Location, Location, Location series for C4. Graeme was the principal lighting cameraman. The schedule was hectic but he was always pleasant and rose to the challenges. At all times I have found Graeme to be hard working, dependable, reliable and conscientious. As a cameraman, he demonstrates an excellent understanding of editorial need as well as having an exceptional eye. As a person, he is very amicable and pleasant.” Francois Gandolfi  Director  ‘Location, Location, Location’ C4

“For style, efficiency and wonderful manner – Graeme is a must-have member of our filming team”. Darina Healy Head of Production Factual Entertainment, Talkback Thames

“Very quick, always offering up good visual ideas and a great person to have on a shoot.” Ned Williams  Director  ‘A Brief Period of Rejoicing’ BBC2  ‘Grand Designs: House of the Year’ C4

“I’ve been meaning to say thank you! The series looks great which in no small way is testimony to your uncomplaining work!”  Sue Dulay  Series Editor  ‘Open House’ BBC1

“I found Graeme to be an intuitive and creative cameraman – who worked extremely well under pressure, producing imaginative and well composed shots. He was instinctive when it came to filming actuality sequences – which meant we had great results in the edit. Plus, he was easy-going and a joy to work with!” Alicia Smith  Director  ‘Living in the Sun’ BBC1

“Graeme has been an integral part of the TMM team since its inception. He has a calm, professional quality when dealing with clients whether they be Berry Bros wine merchants or the Rt Hon David Cameron. He is quick, polite and offers up a variety of creative options. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.”  Sophie Taylor, Founder, Taylor Made Media

“Graeme has worked with us on a wide variety of films for STC, from the offices of Mastercard to cruise ships in Italy and beyond. Graeme is hard working and positive, he always works to the brief while adding creative input to create excellent rushes. He is well liked by clients who appreciate his relaxed and ‘can do’ approach”.  Henry Wilks, Founder, Shoot the Company